Sunday, August 23, 2009

.a sneak preview.

into what happened in Africa...

on this website...

then click on "Malawi Favorites"

i posted our pictures from Africa. i recently compiled a folder of all the ones i think are the best so it's a shorter version of the ridiculously long 1700-picture version.

so if you feel so inclined, take a peek at Africa, the amazing people there, the ways God chose us to minister and why i can't wait to go back. there will be more - much more - on this later, but here's a glimpse for ya.

thanks for caring! can't wait to tell stories.

Friday, August 21, 2009

.6 weeks.

team, it's been 6 weeks and all i've got for you is


i've been all out of words because i've been anywhere but in my own head. and by anywhere i mean Puerto Rico, Africa, London, San Diego, Texas and a bridesmaid in two fabulous weddings (one in Colorado). so i do mean EVERYWHERE, around the globe kind of everywhere.

my hope is that i can write about each of those experiences in an individual blog post, so be looking out for those. by the end of the week i hope to have the Fox wedding and Puerto Rico blogged. wait for the amazingness... just wait.

but until then, how are ya? it's been a while. i'm bree - world traveler, amateur photographer and unemployed. nice to meet you. let's be friends.

and because i'm random, i'm going to post the most random picture of my summer. here's the reason it's random - i have NO IDEA who took it or when. it appeared on my iphone somewhere between London and San Diego. hmm... interesting. fess up if it was you, but it kinda describes my summer - taking in the world with a contented grin (and that shirt that i know has graced me with it's presence on every single adventure this summer).

i am rested from the psychotic-ness that was my last week of grad school, have seen the world and am convinced i'm ready to take it on. y'all ready for this?!?!?!?!?!