Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.i love this.

my quasi-friend, Kristen posted this today. i've always known we had alot in common, but this is probably the post she's written that i resonate with the most. it's a tough subject, something i've struggled with for years, i'd even venture to say almost decades and i know i will probably never get to an "ok" place with it. i pray that i will (in fact i prayed that last night) and i hope that i do, but it's a struggle. my own journey has been long and frustrating - it ebbs and flows, succeeds and fails but never to the point where i'm satisfied.

half marathon - trained & ran 13 miles - CHECK
mudrun - 10k with muddy hills, through a lake, over walls - CHECK

P90X - for the whole 90 days without skipping - CHECK
Cleanses, fad diets, limited caloric intake - CHECK

just read her post & know that i could have written the exact same words with the same emotion behind them... i'll let you know when i figure it out. right. about that...

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Emily said...


I just read the blog and I am in the same position. Working out 5-6 days/week, watching what I eat, training for a half marathon and that number on the scale...won't.budge.

It's so frustrating to have "skinny" friends who can never workout or eat pretty much what they want and look so great.

Thank you for sharing your frustrations on the same subject.

Love you! You.are.beautiful!