Friday, November 16, 2007

.His babies.

i sit today thinking and praying about my cousin and his wife who just miscarried their child - today. i think of their pain, their questions, their fear, their loss. i think of the hope, excitement and joy that existed just days ago, and the opposite emotions that exist today. I think of how she broke the news, "Today we made a deposit in heaven." how now, that little one is with Jesus. i think of the absolute joy that exists in their 4 year old and how she can daily be a catalyst to heal the pain and i'm grateful for her. i think of Jesus, holding that unborn baby, loving that baby and I think of how jealous i am that baby de graaf gets to be held by Jesus right now... i think of blake and sarah's little deposit in heaven and how maybe, just maybe, the two are friends. i think of life and how it throws us for a loop, how it so easily gets us tangled in its traps, in its monotony. and then i remember that He's got the whole world in His hands and that baby was never my cousin's nor was the other one my best friend's - from before they were born, they belonged to Jesus and He is their father and they are HIS babies. thank you abba for loving.

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