Monday, February 4, 2008

.the smell of winter.

tonight, as i was walking out to my car after playing an intense, victorious game of city league volleyball - i smelled winter. it really may have been the first time this year that i've smelled winter in orange county. so often, it smells like exhaust-created smog or sweet summertime or salty ocean air, but tonight it was good old fashioned winter. it was texas in december with chimney smoke and crisp, cool air. it was both refreshing and intense.

it took me back to my childhood home where my dad would light the fire place with REAL wooden logs, my mom would let us drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and and stay up late and my brothers and i would embrace winter and actually pretend like we wanted to be around each other! it's pretty rare to get to embrace winter around here, but i was grateful for the 48 degrees tonight - that is winter where i now live.

this is home. the people i come home to each night and hang out with on the weekends are "family." they're as family to me as my own flesh and blood family is and i couldn't be more grateful. i am content. i am content with 48 degree winter nights, content with the roots i've put down in this place, content with all that surrounds me. it is well with my soul.

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