Saturday, February 14, 2009

.opportunity lost.

it's valentine's day.

i'm in san diego with some girl friends for the weekend.

today i lost my chance.

we went for a bike ride to get pedicures.

we were biking on this boardwalk on the bay,

and "adorable basketball boy" who just got finished playing a little pick up basketball game at the park by the beach, was waiting to cross the boardwalk and as i passed him he stopped and said, "hi" with a huge smile on his face. so, i respond with a shy, "hey" and keep on pedaling.

about 20 seconds later, the opportunity was lost. i have spent the REST of the day grieving my opportunity lost. mid-pedicure we thought of the perfect ploy - my friend yells ahead at me and says "stop, my bike is broken," - a day late and a buck short on that thought. sad day.

had i been more clever, more quickly the opportunity to talk to "adorable basketball boy" would not have been lost. my valentine's story.

the end.

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