Thursday, January 21, 2010

.orphans in waiting.

i'm writing this post tonight because this is what's on my heart and mind right now. two sets of parents who are in adoptive processes that have taken WAY too long and are waiting to bring home kiddos. 2 different stories, 2 different countries. 2 different precious kids that need to be home with their families.

- my cousin and her husband are in the process of adopting a little girl named anja from the ukraine. it's been a LONG RIDE for them these last few months and years of waiting and tomorrow is the day. in 5 hours they will walk into a courtroom and some judge they've never met, whose never heard their story will decide the fate of their little girl - will she come home to colorado where they feel that being her mama and papa is the absolute best thing for her or will she have to stay living in the orphanage in the ukraine only to become another statistic? i hate this limbo for them and i hate that it has been so difficult. so if you're the praying type, please pray for janelle and casey, for the judge, for their translator and ultimately for anja - that whatever is best for her is what will be done.

- my friends, the howertons have a CRAZY story of their little man keanan who is currently living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - clearly not an ideal living situation for him... read their blog and pray for them, they are trying desperately to get him back here on humanitarian parole and are pretty stinkin' close. the worst thing for them as parents is to know their child is there in haiti, living in those conditions when he could be home with them. there are going to be so many more orphans in haiti following this earthquake that it truly seems irrational to keep him there. again, if you're the praying type, please pray for mark and kristen, for their government connections, for the people who are rallying for them and for them to get keanan back here safely and quickly.

i love the heart of our great God for orphans and how he is a Father to the fatherless. and i love the hearts of the people in my life for orphans and just deeply respect their willingness to fight for these kids... because they're worth it. join me in praying these kids home.

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