Wednesday, February 17, 2010

.#10 - car detailed.

my car has a name. as do my bike, my computer, my printers and the occasional house plant. don't judge me. it's just what i do. so my car, her name is SENORITA ROSITA V (the fifth). she's amazing. she's truly one of my very best friends and here's why:

- she knows me really really well
- i'm comfortable enough around her to belt out songs, even if i don't know all the right words
- she's been privy to many conversations that no one else ever hears
- she's seen her fair share of tears and breakdowns
- she's gone on ALOT of road trips with me
- she's been really faithful and always makes sure i'm safe
- i wake up each morning and know she'll be there waiting for me
- she's even gotten to spend quality time with some friends of mine when i go away
- she never talks back, just keeps on keepin' on
- she moved to santa barbara with me so i wouldn't go alone

and let me tell y'all - this girl deserved some TLC, which is why i put her on my 30 before 30 list. when i posted this list, i got a prompt reply from a college student friend of mine that he details cars and he'd love to hang out with Senorita for the day. um...amazing? i think so.

i was back in orange county this weekend and had a crazy awesome time with my friends whom i've missed dearly and was able to let Brent Thomas have her for about 6 hours. she came back looking like this...

that's right. this girl is like brand new. these were Brent's words: "if cars could smile, Senorita would be beaming." well said. she is beaming. i feel like you've got to invest in what means the most to you and me and that girl go back 5 and a half years and 108,000 miles. she's been good to me. here's to you Senorita. thank you for being a friend.

1/3 of the way through... 10 down. and if you need someone to do an amazing job detailing your car for a really great price, Brent Thomas is your guy. I'll be happy to get you his info. :)

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