Sunday, March 20, 2011

.a stirring.

God is stirring something in my heart for Haiti. I am absolutely loving it. Like nothing I’ve ever loved. I’m not sure what it is. I think part of it is Kerry & Joy Reeves and part of it is the people here. The other pieces of it are the devastation you see & the people you interact with. They all have a story – most of them a tragic story. They all are totally dependent on something – most of them voodoo or witchcraft to get them through. With 10% Christianity and many of those being “nominal” Christians, there’s a huge tendency to just give up hope on these people's lives ever changing.

But not the Reeves'. They inspire me. I'm overwhelmed by their hearts for these people and to truly help them - by help I mean empowering them to help themselves. It's such an amazing ministry and a gift to be working alongside them.

Gran, the widow that the Reeves' take care of. She's a strong believer & huge influence on her community & her kids.


Women in the refugee camp.

Gatina, my homegirl & one of the orphans. Love her :)

Sunset in Haiti. <3

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