Monday, July 25, 2011

.trippin' down the road.

meet my guy...

his name is jarred and someday i'll tell the story of how we met and fell in love and had no choice but to date, but for now, you're getting our road trip - one day at a time because the whole thing would be too much for you to handle, i just know it.

so he's road trippin' across the united states of america (or portions of it at least). he's an adventurous kinda guy with a tinge of wanderlust... sound familiar? hence the fell in love and had not choice but to date part. :) so i got to be part of his adventure - you can ask him whether or not he regrets that decision, but don't tell me what he says because you can't undo what's already done and the road trip? it's done.

in all seriousness it was sweet time, time we'll probably never get again. here was our agenda in hipsta-collages and over the next few days i'll break it down because i know you care for me to do so and if you don't, stop clicking on my blog for a week or so.

here's where we cruised:

pismo beach - 4th of july with some of my family

highway 1 to norcal

san francisco

klamath falls, oregon (we'd never heard of it either)

crater lake national park

camping in bandon

the oregon coast/dunes


what can i say? we're a happy couple just trippin' down life's road - maybe it was the free ice cream & cheese sampling, but let me tell you - happiness is an orange vw van. stay tuned for highlights and ridiculous commentary. you won't regret it.

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