Wednesday, October 17, 2012

.week two.

october photo of the day continued... october 9 - "red" - i deleted this one before i got it to my computer, on accident, i promise. it was at a gas station, really not that exciting...
october 10 - "emotion" - ridiculous amounts of excitement over getting to see my best friend in the universe this weekend!!!!
october 11 - "something close up" - my Krochet Kids hat, i love that it's cold enough to wear beanies this week
october 12 - "on the table" - fall is on my table, duh...
october 13 - "landscape" - adios california, hello las vegas!
october 14 - "makes you laugh" - these signs at red rock state park - awesome!
october 15 - "dinnertime" - last vegas date night with my love, such a GREAT weekend week 2, complete.

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