Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bullets - Part 1

Well friends, it's been a little while or a long while. While I'm discovering that marriage + a full-time job + doing ministry = awesome, it also equals not much free time (you know, with someone living in your ish constantly - in your bed, in your used to be but not anymore clean house, your time - you know). Because of these things and other things you'll read in the bullets, you're getting just that for a little while - bullets. They're effective for a busy life, right? Maybe I'll elaborate on them when I have a moment to myself, speaking of, there are days when I'd like to be a stay at home wife. Key word, wife - not mom. When I have kids, I'll need the heck out for a minute, you know what I mean? But as a wife - plenty to do around here, quiet house, I think I could dig on that for little bit. Maybe if we lived in Delaware or Oklahoma or something... I digress.

Bullets of things I dig right now:

- my husband's 30th birthday weekend, promise to give you a full post on this, but man - it was delightful - friends, wine, country music, surprises, the whole bit

- hikes in this stupidly gorgeous place

- this girl, enough said

- this crazy thing called Young Life and the 80 college leaders that come with it - the love I have for these people is so deep and so fantastic and the way they love high school, junior high and special needs kids is phenomenal

- a weekend in Napa with my dearest friend and her husband - soul food, I tell ya

- this guy... still totally into him, I got a good one - also loving our weekend getaways while we have them - sonoma for a work conference? i kinda love that.

- friend visits - totally into friend visits (shameless plug)

- cuisine-themed girls night once a month - this is the only picture I have from it - sorry I'm not sorry

- this house we bought, no big - i dig that and the droves of paperwork we're drowning in

in other news... still working on our wedding photo album, and a post about our wedding. just feeling guilty so I thought I'd say it outloud.

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Michelle said...

oh, the adjustment to marriage and it sounds like also doing ministry together-- let me know if you guys figure it out : ) It's a process for sure- fun, exciting and sometimes downright frustrating that you're talking about "work" at 11pm at night, right? Glad I found your blog!