Saturday, June 15, 2013


I've decided to jump on an a new bandwagon. I'm trying out Lisa-Jo Baker's "five minute friday" business. (I know, it's Saturday, better late than never... don't tell). There's a prompt, you have five minutes, you just write and then you post. Done. Fun huh? Come play!


Lately we've gotten a little lazy with listening skills in our house. We've gotten good at talking, defending, explaining and waiting until the other person's done so that we can speak our piece. When this happens, we go in circles.

We all need to be heard, but more than that to be understood - to know that the people who love us most know where we're coming from and why we feel that way. We need empathy and grace, we need to have them ask questions instead of give opinions, suggestions or answers. We lose so much when we stop listening.

This weekend, I will set my alarm for 5 minutes and just listen to my husband - hear what he has to say and say nothing back. I will then set my alarm for 3 more minutes and think before I formulate a response. I want to be more intentional about my tone, my questions but more than anything - my listening skills.

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