Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven: Media Fast Day 5 Bullets

It's Day 5 without media in our house. Here are some things we're learning:

- I love facebook, instagram and blogs

- Jarred loves yahoo news and this new money mustache blog(?!?!?)

- our house is typically pretty quiet, so the no tv thing isn't really affecting us

- we are SO productive without our computers in front of our faces! we got SO much done this weekend - like so much

- I am a more present friend - I had three solid long catch-up phone calls yesterday and I felt like I was being a good friend

- when we're productive & distraction-free, we actually have time to go for walks on the beach!

- we have NO IDEA what's going on in the world. Jarred went to work today to hopefully someone will tell him and he can relay to me what's happening out there

- most of the time, we don't care what's going on in the world :)

- I actually only left laundry unfolded for one day instead of 8!

- I enjoy reading books - I had forgotten about that hobby, nice to see you again paper pages

- a month feels like forever

- I miss seeing people's pictures, so I can't help but cheat and have people show me the pictures they've been posting when they come over. I see it as them personally sharing their lives...nothing wrong with that.

- Facebook is a TEASE - this just wrong and I WILL NOT click the button

- I miss sharing the celebratory and funny moments of my life via instagram and Jarred is sick of hearing what I would have posted

Overall, we're LOVING this media fast thing. In some ways, I think it's turned us into hermits - we feel like because we can't see what everyone is doing, they must be doing nothing, so we'll just stay home and make homemade bread, fold laundry and count coins. Kidding...kind of. But it's been a gift - we've given each other more time and attention, we've made phone calls, played with the dog, been less rushed, been more productive and been so much less distracted by "urgent" status updates and blog posts. We've found lots of freedom these last 5 days - freedom from what America says is important and freedom to do with our time what we think is important. We are genuinely excited about the rest of the month and already anticipating some changes in our daily rhythm following this media fast. So good. Stay tuned.

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Derek and Katie said...

Hi Breanne!!!! I don't know if you are allowed to read comments here, but the only way I know how to connect to you is via fb......I LOVED Jen's book seven and I Love that you are doing the challenge -- bravo you brave Minefrees!!! And that book has made an impact in our lives -- is more than one way.

I have been trying to psych myself up to use my phone as a -- ahem, phone for a month. I know, I know -- that is so bold. Use a phone as a phone -- how 1980's of me. You might have just given me the tipping point I needed to go for it.

Also, I nearly lost my phone last night (again - sigh, I have a very forgiving husband. Thankfully my senility doesn't phase him ;). And I thought, if I used it plugged in like an actual land line -- chances are, I wouldn't lose it........hmmmmmm interesting. I am afraid to speak those words outloud because I am pretty sure he would say -- please tie your phone down already - ha!!!