Tuesday, April 14, 2009

.long seasons.

seasons last about 3 months. i like that. my grad school operates on the quarter system, i like that too. i think there's something to 3 month increments that's just good. really good. but this season is longer than 3 months. it's in its 7th month and seems to be lingering and not the good kind of lingering that i've spoken of before. this season is lingering like the snow that's still in chicago when summer's around the corner - that's what this feels like. snow in chicago, but in august.

so not appropriate - so not okay - so not how things should be.

i know that i know that i know that this is "just a season" and that in 6 months, maybe even in 3 months, i will look back and this will seem a fast blur. but this 10-month season is just not welcome anymore. the hills i trek up and down everyday, the 30 minute commute to my "job", the hour commute to school, this fridge that doesn't have pictures of my people on it, this bed that isn't mine - it's not welcome anymore. now, don't get me wrong... it's not that i'm ungrateful. i am MORE THAN grateful for the gift this season has been, but it's time.

time to move on. time to sleep in my bed. time to have pictures my niece draws me back on my fridge. time to have people over at my house and just feel at home in their company. time to live with a roommate that knows what facebook and blogging are instead of ones who prefer Mexican Train. time to feel like i'm my age as opposed to the swinging pendulum of one day feeling 12 and the next 70. 3 months seasons are much more my thing, so it's time for this long season to say its goodbyes.

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alyssa said...

I'm with you on the 3 month seasons thing, bree. I'm getting pretty tired of this pregnancy season after 8.5 months. I'm ready for a margarita and clothes that fit...and to be able to roll over in bed w/o straining a muscle.