Thursday, December 6, 2012


So today's post is a tribute to my dear friend Cindy. Her most recent post is about red lipstick - about the experience of wearing it, giving back to an AIDS organization and giving girls the permission to have their own "Movember" or "No Shave November" of sorts. I'm into that... and Cindy's writing. Here's my experience with it: I chose today to wear it because I didn't want to cheat. Many days I work from home in my pajamas and I didn't want to wear it on one of those days because that's a total cop out. I'm going to share 3 different thoughts on the day. I did this before, with a friend, but this time felt different.
1) I felt weird. I was self-conscious about it altogether and I was so not into going out in public. I assumed people were going to be wondering who the heck I was thinking I could sport red lipstick. I thought it was on my teeth so I used my phone obsessively to double check. I don't like red lipstick. 2) The reactions were polar opposite/hilarious. I work in the same building as a coffee shop on a large college campus. I know many of the students and call them friends. One of the 20 year old guys walked into my office and stared at me. I smirked and said, "I'm doing a red lipstick experiment." Taylor responded with, "I can see that." Awesome... clearly I pull it off really well in the eyes of a 20 year old male. Disclaimer: my husband has not yet seen me in it yet, will post a P.S. 3) The women in my life were totally into it. No lie. I hung out with a few friends this morning who first thought my hair looked darker because of it (little did they know, I'd recently died my hair). And then the college gals I regularly chill with were TOTALLY into it. They thought it contributed to the overall "fall look" I was going for with boots & a scarf. They liked it with my hair. They were overall complimentary which gave me a confidence I didn't anticipate. Thanks chicas...
It doesn't change me being me. I'm thankful for that about this red lipstick experiment. Sure, I didn't feel like myself, but it also gave me a greater feeling of contentment knowing that I am who I am - with or without the lipstick. In my pajamas, at a coffee shop, on a date night or in the office. I like me. And I think I'll stick with the the non-red lipstick version. Cindy - thanks for the challenge. Would I do it again? Ask me tomorrow.

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That Taylor guy seems like a real jerk!!

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p.s. sorry for my rudeness