Saturday, January 19, 2008

.a healing season.

i've officially decided that the ocean is good for the soul, therefore, i'm grateful to live mere miles from it! i am in san diego this weekend, peering out over mission bay as the sun heads over the water on its way out for the day, and i am grateful. i am grateful for a weekend of reflection, peace and healing. for a weekend to see a few friends whom i haven't seen in a while and let my soul be restored by laughter and great conversation. for some space from my life, my (dirty) house, my job and my reality.

for me, right now, i need to heal. i need to be restored. i need to remember that my Abba is bigger than anything i will face in this day, month, year or even in this life. i need to have more mission bay weekends where i am reminded of his mercies, as new as the sun rising up over the bay each morning. great is Your faithfulness, o Lord... great is Your faithfulness. and grateful is your little girl.

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