Monday, June 9, 2008

.small victories.

i love small victories.

things like the vitamin water being on sale the day you needed to replenish, or your passport being right where you found it after years of dormancy, or your orchids and tulips blooming the day of the party at your house.

i love small victories.

today there were a few and i'm grateful...

small victory #1 - the plumber came and did a 5 minute fix on our shower that's been out of commission for 4 days (don't worry, we showered somewhere else!)

small victory #2 - i had no food for dinner and refused to buy some before going out of town, so i made up a recipe for biscuits and sweet diddle, it worked!

small victory #3 - i frantically researched the weather in boston, praying it'd be cooler than the 94-98 degree temps they've been having and the day i get there, it cools down about 20 degrees, thank you God!

small victory #4 - my dear friend's little girl, anna, hung out with me all morning without getting injured, without tears and without missing her mama. auntie bree scored major points this morning, and she even blew me kisses!

small victory #5 - (and today's biggest so far) - i started and completed a 10 page paper for grad school that's due on wednesday - i'm 48 hours early! productivity is bliss!

not-so-small victory #6 - will be in about 2 hours when my city league volleyball team takes the league championship for this season!!!! we're a bunch of misfits, but we love to play and we play hard and it is OUR TURN TO WIN. so tonight, with 5 victories under my belt for the day, i WILL accomplish a sixth (fingers crossed)!

wish me luck!

p.s. - we won!!! we are the champions.

victory is awfully sweet...

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