Friday, May 29, 2009

.raw nonsense.

today's blog is raw nonsense. this is what happens when i encroach on finals week (MY LAST FINALS WEEK EVER IN MY LIFE, btw). i go nuts. i see very few people - in fact today, i did not see another human being until i got to class at 6:30pm. and i'm seeing people only to absorb more information - are you kidding?!?!?!?!

anyhow, here is my raw nonsense that needs to go somewhere because even my mom would feel like it's a waste of time to hear this mess...

- i waste, i mean drink entirely too many water bottles and it made me sad today.
- i have self-diagnosed A.D.D., inflicted by Fuller Seminary, of course.
- sometimes i genuinely think i'd be happy with one day a week just reading and writing - and then i remember that's crazy talk.
- jacuzzis and wine are from Jesus, that's how i cope with finals.
- i'm realizing this week what it means to wait on the Lord, because He is more capable than i.
- my almost 4-year-old niece jumped off the diving board today for the first time and i. am. proud.
- i have this overwhelming to desire to get my tattoo the day i turn in my last assignment, which would be june 9th. hit me up.
- i need a job, but i really don't seem to be super stressed about it, don't judge me, i have other things to stress about.
- i am not trusting God like i should be. not even a little bit. i'll get right on that.
- i really am not caring about what i'm learning in school - if you're in seminary, is that a sin?

that's all for today. i may blog raw nonsense one more time before i get my Masters in 2 weeks, prepare yourself.

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