Thursday, June 18, 2009

.three words.

i have three words for you. these words fill my soul and make my heart smile. what's contained in these words does something to me that, honestly, words can't describe. you have to experience it, you have to "get it" because it's "better caught than taught." it's a place that's been dormant for at least a year and i just yesterday pulled it out of the depths of my soul and revived it. these three words are life-giving...


there's nothing like sitting in the deck of the adult guest quarters with a Bible and journal listening to 100 junior highers do belly flops while dancing to "all my single ladies." and there's nothing like watching a sweet, unassuming blind-folded leader nearly take a bite out of an innocent white mouse. there's nothing like walking past cabins and hearing middle school girls have real conversations about their souls and their faith, maybe for the first time. and there's nothing like repositioning myself in between two "oh-so-tough" pant sagging, curse-word throwing 8th grade boys so that they have a better chance at hearing the gospel and having it change the trajectory of their lives.

there's nothing like that. nothing.

there's just not much that fills my soul more than a place where Jesus-lovin' adults care enough about their apathetic teenage friends to be dirty, exhausted (in every way possible), dunked, pied in the face and beaten down - all so these kids have the chance to meet the One who brings life.

i wish i could stay here longer than 2 days...

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