Friday, January 22, 2010

.a faithful, prayer-answering God.

i have seriously never been as overwhelmed with how good our God is as i am today. on a number of levels, for a number of reasons. he has answered so many prayers and i am seriously in awe of him tonight.

- i woke up at 4 and texted janelle to tell her i was praying and she texted me back from the ukraine saying that they were still praying and waiting as well. i got another text from her at about 530 that just said, "Final decree is Monday at 4pm. But all is well according to translation. hallelujah!" anja is theirs, officially on monday, but unofficially today. there is so much joy and so much peace knowing she'll be raised in their home and loved unconditionally. yay God!

- kristen's husband, mark flew to miami this morning on pure faith that the government would get the kiddos processed and through the embassy to the US today - not knowing if that would happen and not knowing if keanan would be one of them. and this was her post about an hour ago, "The plane has landed. Mark is waiting with the other adoptive parents, while the kids go through customs. I am jumping out of my skin wishing I was there!" and then this: "(Kristen) is thinking of the memory her son will have, flying to the United States on a military plane with all of his best buddies at the same time . . ." amazing. again, yay God!

those things were so heavy on my heart and in my prayers last night and tonight? done. unbelievable. we serve a big God. and a little side note in my own life - i am here in santa barbara and will write more about my job/life/house later, but just have been really praying for a church that will have a somewhat seamless transition for me - a place i can call home where their vision propels me to move forward in my work and ministry, where there are like-minded people doing kingdom work, where the teaching is solid and the people are authentic, etc. and i was invited to go tonight to a church that i think i'll be calling home. i got there and teared up during worship because God is so stinkin' good and had answered yet another prayer today. unbelievable.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.


Auntie Deb said...

Yes...God surely did a great work on Jan 22, 2010...for so many people! So glad you are who you are Breanne! Love ya! See you soon as you travel with Lins to Ruidoso!
God be with you! Love, Auntie Deb

JuLea said...

WOW. God is AMAZING... to say the least! Prayer is awesomely powerful. I am so glad that I am getting the BEST sister in the world. Makes me so happy to hear you may have just found that Church you can call "home". I am glad you are who you are too!! Always praying for you.
Love ya!

junglemama said...

Congratulations! God is good!