Friday, February 19, 2010

.a blog-worthy saturday night.

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this on my blog ;), but i just moved... 2 hours from my friends, 2 hours from my church, 2 hours from the only life i've known for 7 years. and let me tell you - it. is. hard. i mean, i knew i had it comin' but once you're living in it, the reality sets in and it's a bummer deal some days. but i'm here to tell you, i went home last weekend and it was SO good for my soul.

and we had a spontaneous blog-worthy saturday night.

i had planned to hang out with my friend casey and we're kinda sorta known for spontaneous adventures - you know, small things like Africa... and tattoos... and 2 day layovers in London...and sketchy thai restaurants in LA - those kinds of things. And we decided we were gonna hang out but had no plans in mind except that at some point we'd like to hit the Rusty Pelican (lovingly referred to as "the rusty p"). it may sound creepy, but let me tell you. it is my happy place. and it's classy.

more on that later. so what we decided to do was to do a newport beach restaurant crawl. it was maybe our best idea yet, besides Africa and tattoos, of course.

here was our evening itinerary that we made up as we went...

6pm - memphis at the lab. result? yummy corn bread and a great drink, fun little place too.
7:30pm - bree has NO night vision and royally BIFFS IT into a rain gutter thingy and scratches up the whole right side of my back (if you need a picture, i have proof)
8pm - 930 sushi on PCH. result? crazy good sushi, even some with jalapeno and the option of ordering LIVE shrimp, like still squirming around and looking at you kind of live. but fun nonetheless.
10pm - the blessedness of the rusty pelican. good gracious that place is super. piping hot sourdough bread with soft butter (this is key, people), great wine, super fun live music, looking out at the harbor. we were happy there until the valet came and brought casey his keys at 1am because they were closing down shop.
11:22pm (approx) - casey runs into a pole - this was pure comedy and maybe an attempt at solidarity with my earlier injury?
1:15am - a little wound care on the back scrapage and night night termite.

so if any of you are looking for fun things to do in newport beach this weekend? there's your answer. and if you're just looking for a fun night? restaurant hop. order a little appetizer and a drink at each place and just embrace the night. it's well worth it.

thanks OC for a fantastic weekend. it was great to feel known and thanks casey for yet one more amazing spontaneous adventure and the scars to prove it.

a retweet from casey that pretty much sums up the weekend: "home is not where you live, but where they understand you." well spoken. very well spoken. happy weekend to you all!


JuLea said...

Haha I love you two. This was quite funny to read. I love your spontaneity!

The Runyons said...

boo ... i see you! :)
happy to have a little place to keep up with you (just found it b/c we commented on the same post of little miss dahlia). so glad to see that you are well!