Tuesday, April 27, 2010

.#11 - photography class.

i realize it's 1AM and i should not be blogging, but instead i should be sleeping. sleep is overrated... and i'm beginning to re-learn that my most productive, best-focused hours are after 10pm, so i'm just capitalizing on that time. my job should thank me for it, or maybe i should thank my job that i have the flexibility to work at midnight and sleep in.

the point of the post is this... i took a photography class a few weeks ago!!! but it wasn't just any photography class, it was a holga class. yes, i said holga, h-o-l-g-a, holga. no, it's not an amazon woman, not it's not a fun name that i came up with because i like to name inanimate objects (which i do). holga is a type of camera that uses film. yes, i said film, like the kind where you have to take the back off the camera and put it in and make sure it catches and then wind it up before you can shoot a picture. and the kind where you can't see the picture after you take it. and the kind where you're dependent on someone else to develop it for you because it requires a dark room and in this case coffee :)

a new santa barbara friend of mine invited me to this holga class on a saturday morning and it was awesome. holga and i met for the first time that day, we are still working on becoming friends. i'm hoping it will turn into a friendship, but right now we aren't sure if we get along. needless to say, it was an awesome day with fun new friends in a BEAUTIFUL place, but as of this moment - i still prefer digital photography or even my new iphone app (hipstamatic) to holga, but i think maybe, just maybe we can work it out.

here's some holga-ness.

now here's your difference between the holga and the iphone. i mean, really, which do you prefer?!?!?

and for the grand finale - the stunningly beautiful place that i live... again, iphone, you do me right...

dear holga, thank you for your saturday morning. i would like to spend more time with you and hopefully we will be better friends soon. i know it takes a while, especially with a girl like me who can tend to be untrusting, a smidge judgmental and a creature of habit. thanks for your patience. we'll work it out. pinky promise.

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