Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some of you may know one of my best friends, Sarah Vyn and others of you may not, but I'm asking if all of you would start praying... and keep praying...

Her brother Kyle is 23 and got married a few years ago to Lindsey. They live in Canada and are such an amazing couple with great faith. Kyle went into the hospital after having a seizure while working and was diagnosed on Sunday with what looks to be inoperable brain cancer. All the doctors who have reviewed his results say there's nothing they can do.

This is devastating news for everyone, but especially for his family - his young wife Lindsey, his parents, his 2 brothers and of course, Sarah & Justin. Sarah & Justin left last night to drive to Canada with both their kids. Sarah plans to stay as long as she's needed to be with her family.

Here's how you can pray:
- Pray for a miracle - pray for the 1% chance that he might get radiation in the coming weeks.
- Pray with faith that God will choose to heal Kyle
- Pray for comfort and peace for those around him
- Pray for the right support for all of them
- Pray that Justin & Sarah's kids (Anna & John) will be a source of joy in a really hard time
- Pray for Kyle, that he'll feel peace and be able to trust God despite this devastating news

Here's Kyle and Lindsey.

I'll keep you updated as I hear more from Sarah. The more prayers the more glory.

Believing that our God is good.

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