Thursday, June 10, 2010

.#15 - 10K (dirty).

i put a 10k or half marathon on the list because i thought it'd probably be something that would be good for me to do before i turned 30 thinking that it might be the last time something like that is a priority to me. i say this mostly because: 1) i'm not getting any younger and 2) my slipped disc and ouchie knee don't tend to have any vast improvements after i train for and do something competitive. and i keep thinking that i'd rather save those joints for things like playing beach volleyball and jumping on trampolines with my kids some day instead of wasting them on "one more 10k or half-marathon" just because i like the mental and physical challenge.

so to challenge myself this year, i did the mud run at camp pendleton.

my friend alyssa asked me in january just before i moved and i signed up not knowing what my life would look like at this point. and something tony (my p90x boyfriend) forgot to tell me is that p90x absolutely ruins your running endurance. man, sure maybe i'm stronger, but my endurance is shot. it is a sad, sad story. needless to say - we went through lakes, over climbing walls, army crawled in mud pits and ran more than 2 miles uphill just to say we did it. and we were dirty... nasty dirty - like the kind of dirty where i'm still cleaning my ears with a q-tip and dirt comes out - 5 days later. but it was worth it.

5 of us women... and hour and a half of running in the mud... some new friendships... and one more thing off my list.

i'm glad i did it and (gasp!) i'd do it again, maybe even in october! i kinda feel like now i have the itch and i can't shake it. uh oh. knees and back, you can thank me later.

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