Monday, July 12, 2010

.#16 - visit a friend who lives somewhere i've never been.

i'll be honest. i thought this one would be easier. incase you haven't met me, i travel... alot. so i figured hangin' with a friend in a new location wouldn't be all that difficult. i'm honestly shocked it just happened and it's already july.

needless to say, i had a great weekend visiting the now

mr. and mrs. alan & margie gutierrez!!!!

casey (with whom i always have epic adventures) and i drove from orange county up to palo alto and had yet one more epic adventure at a fun wedding in a gorgeous spot, tucked in the redwood trees of northern california.

so margie-formerly-carter-now gutierrez, thanks for being the friend i visited somewhere i've never been. and thanks for introducing me to your beloved bay area. you were an exquisite bride :) and we were very sad when the night was over.

thanks for getting married so i could knock of #16 :)

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