Sunday, October 3, 2010

.#20 - ravish me red.

oh the red lipstick weekend. i knew it would be epic, but i had no idea just how epic it would be. you see, i got a brilliant idea a few weeks ago... one of my best friends in the whole world is a red-head (actually 2 of them are, i'm so lucky). but the one that lives close to me happened to have her golden birthday last weekend and was planning on visiting. so my brilliant idea? to do "red lipstick weekend" on the weekend of her red-headed golden birthday. epic? i think so.

so erin arrived in santa barbara friday evening and i was armed with red lipstick in hand. it was called "ravish me red"

here are the weekend highlights:
- we were hardcore. and by hardcore i mean the only time we weren't wearing red lipstick was when we were sleeping. we wore it out to eat, sitting around the fire pit, on the beach, while we ate, even in the car.

- my awesome friend rachel even decided she wanted to participate in the fun... and yes, this picture did get sent to our boyfriends, i mean who wouldn't wanna kiss those red lips?

- speaking of kissing red lips, my boyfriend didn't so much want to participate in the wearing of red lipstick... at least not on his lips... sneak attack? duh...

- we discovered that there are people who wear red lipstick on a daily basis, so we might have been the only ones who thought we looked totally weird and out of place. i mean, we spent the weekend laughing at what is a normal daily event for some women. mind-boggling!

- by the end of the weekend we were quite comfortable with our red-lipstick wearing and decided it wouldn't be a huge deal to wear it again. in fact, by day 3, my boyfriend complimented me on my dress coordinating well with my red lipstick. epic, i tell you, epic.

and something i've always wanted to do... for the birthday brunch of my red-headed friend, we got mimosas and let me tell you, you knew which girls in the restaurant were drinking those mimosas... the ones with the red lipstick, duh... we left our mark.

so here's to red lipstick birthday weekend for my red-headed friend... (and my boyfriend for putting up with us all weekend and her boyfriend for probably being all the wiser and leaving the state for the weekend), and to many more epic weekends.

erin, your friendship has been an absolute gift in my life. my faith, my life and my love for all things red have been eternally impacted by you. thanks for participating in an epic weekend and for loving me well.

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