Friday, October 22, 2010

.#21 - purchase a really great dress.

while this is a sad story, it's also not so sad. i mean how could really great dresses be sad?!?! oh right, when you can't find one for your 30th birthday cruise. that's when they can be sad. right...

so i've been saving up this one for right before the cruise because my plan was to get a stinkin' cute yellow dress for the cruise and be able to wear it on my birthday and it be awesome. epic fail. i started looking last week and guess what? there is NO YELLOW TO BE FOUND in october. none. unless i'm a size 0 or a size 16 and it's all that's left on the clearance rack. therefore, this changes 2 things:
1) this blog post b/c there's no cute picture of a really great dress on the cruise (which was the goal)
2) my bitterness toward dress shopping & my new knowledge to not wait till the last minute to look

redeeming factor?

i did find a G-R-E-A-T dress earlier in the summer, not yellow, but awesome... and awesome with yellow accessories. i wore it to my boyfriend's sister's wedding in september, but i can prove it's greatness and i do believe it qualifies as "purchasing a really great dress" in the last year. you can't argue with that one.

so here it is, the really great dress.... far away and then close up (a.k.a. - lovely & then more like it). i <3 it.

thank you francesca's in la jolla. you've helped me complete number 21.

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