Sunday, February 27, 2011

.simple - real simple.

i'm not sure if you've heard of it but there's this magazine called "real simple" i pretty much love it. i want to be it. before you think i'm a freak, let me explain what i mean by that last statement. i want to be it as in i want to live the life the magazine creates for you... example:

- i want to find new uses for old things so that i can a) not spend as much $$$, b) be more creative with my resources, c) be awesome

- i want to wear the cute color pairings it suggests - the rich burnt orange with the plum - who doesn't want to wear that? and the super cute dress that only costs what my entire "shopping" budget is for the whole quarter? i'd like that too.

- i want to be able to pull off the "you have 12 extra minutes? clean your entryway so it looks spotless and has fresh flowers and a wreath on the door" exercise.

- i want to host a party and have it be "just what i pictured in my head" but done on a manageable budget on a short time frame.

- i want to meet fascinating people and be able to tell their story in written word so that others can benefit from their life's lessons.

- i want to find a "classic look" haircut or jeans or shoes or sunglasses - something that is just me, that i know works and can default to that when all else fails.

- i want to be creative/organized/incredible enough to plan at least 3-4 fun meals in a week and enjoy cooking and/or sharing them with those around me who could use a little love in the form of food and a good conversation.

and finally...

- i want to get back to the "simple" way of life. the way of doing things that makes my life less chaotic and more simple. real simple.

but here's the thing. we started talking about "simple" today in the context of our faith. how do we go back to the basics of our faith in Jesus and what does it look like to become "real simple" in that regard? my friend kim had it down - here's her simple.

1) Jesus loves me.
2) I know it's true.
3) His promises are sure.

and i think that's where my priorities are skewed. even in my faith, i'm so worried about all the fluff - about what others will think about me, about how i will fit it into my day with everything else going on, about the gray areas that don't really matter but i spend so much time thinking/talking about, about why God seems to show up sometimes & not others, about why he would take away people we love, about why there's evil on this earth, about why the sun rises and sets.

i mean all good questions, but what really needs to be simplified? my faith. not my life. living that "real simple" lifestyle is a band-aid over the need to simplify my faith - a reality that will change everything and i mean everything about how i live my life.

to remember that there's no doubt that I'm radically loved by a God who keeps promises. the end.

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