Wednesday, February 23, 2011

.trifecta mission... accomplished.

so there's this perfect weekend "mission" when you make a plan with people you really like to do something awesome and then it turns out just how you planned. it's a mission accomplished and a day well-spent. that's what happened on saturday.

life's gotten me down a bit lately and i've needed a pick-me-up whenever i can get friend cindy (who is the epitome of trifecta and coined the term, you'll have to ask her permission to know the meaning) is one of those friends who just knows when to show up. after homemade pizza & a night in our pj's, our saturday mission was as follows:

- 4 girls (two other trifecta missionaries - is it ok to call ourselves "missionaries" when the mission is wine?)
- breakfast & lattes
- one swanky winery
- burgers & fries
- a night on the town

first stop - jeannine's. i don't know who jeannine is but she makes a ridiculously good (and cute!) latte and some kalhua caramelized banana french toast that is worth every dripping calorie.

second stop - saarloos & sons winery, los olivos... a.k.a. heaven. these people rule. not only is their winery swanky and rad with a fire place, deer antlers, just the right interior design touch, fun gifts for friends and good wine with shweet vintage photo labels, but they have cupcake flights. yes, you heard that correctly...cupcake flights to taste with your wine flights. i'm sorry, what?

oh and then trifecta cindy happens to know some of the family who owns the place and our cupcakes and extra pours? on the house. um yes please. oh and one more thing, maybe the best part? drumroll please... they're DUTCH and i of course charmed them by playing Dutch bingo for at least a half hour, turns out they went to high school with my dad. rad.

third stop - a rainy walk to a few other wineries that paled in comparison to the aforementioned and we headed back down the rolling green hillside that resembles ireland this time of year and back to the beach. rough life.
fourth stop - the habit for burgers and fries of course, what else is appropriate post wine tasting?!?!?!?

fifth stop - a rest. also not an option for trifecta missions

sixth stop - state street... downtown santa barbara. we headed out that evening for some crazy mango mojito martini something or other and chatted it up with some fellows who played soccer and overthrew the band to sing a terrible rendition of "la bamba"
i'd call it a successful day. a trifecta mission... accomplished. amazing friends who know how to love me well during a season of difficult things. ahhhhh... life is good today.

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cindyann said...

I compeltely agree! I'm glad we spent the weekend together and walked away with the same feeling:) I'm happy I could cheer you up and would be happy to do it again any time (and when my bank accounte fills back up;) You are a trifecta- love jesus, attractive, great personality.