Friday, October 14, 2011

.cruise control.

i set my cruise control whenever i drive on the freeway... except in LA because if you set your cruise control you'd get killed or kill someone else. when you don't set your cruise control in LA, sometimes you go (with the speed of traffic) too fast. like 83 in a 65 too fast. and then what happens? that's right, you get pulled over.

in inglewood.

people - avoid inglewood, in general. especially avoid getting pulled over in inglewood. take my word for it.

the scene: mid-may, 11pm, dark, driving home from grandma's house in the OC back to SB

the passenger: my boyfriend (only 6 weeks-ish into boyfriend status at the time)

the location: 105 freeway in inglewood

long story short: doing 83, pulled over, cop was nice, gave me a fix-it ticket for my texas plates, i was thankful for softening the ticket blow but sad to part with texas plates, cost was $170 vs $480 plus traffic school, easy fix... right.

what to do in this situation:
1) get registration changed (even though it doesn't seem worth it for car you're about to sell)
2) don't let not-too-smart dmv dude confiscate your old tx proof of registration
3) send in ALL forms including tx proof of registration
4) get ticket paid & dismissed

what to NOT do in this situation: (a.k.a. my life)
1) neglect to send in tx proof of registration
2) get denied dismissal of your $25 violation
3) call incessantly and reach no one to see if your new california registration on the car you're no longer about to own is sufficient proof that you changed the registration

right above that line up there? ^ read that statement.

i've been to haiti multiple times, i lived a mile from mexico and have spent a significant amount of time there - those places have really $*##(*$)@# governmental structure. i have been LESS FEARFUL for my life than i was in inglewood. i kid you not.

if you do the "what NOT to do" scenario, you know what happens?
1) you fear for your life after walking through security screening to enter the courthouse the first time
2) you get told you have to COME BACK for a court date
3) you cry as soon as you get back on the freeway (be sure to get out of inglewood before crying)
4) you consult lawyer-friends, pray the blood of Jesus over the envelope and send in dang tx proof of registration that you had to obtain from tx along with a letter requesting your court date & ticket be dismissed because you've submitted the right paperwork
5) you check status online, it says "dismissed" and then it says, "next action" and lists your court date
6) in order to potentially save your life and spare you from tears, you decide that means "dismissed" and ignore the 2nd part
7) you pray there isn't a warrant out for your arrest

this is my current situation. please pray that i remember to use my cruise control in LA and when you pray, thank the good Lord that my boyfriend still loves me after all kinds of crazy. thanks.

p.s. - there's a reason 2pac raps about inglewood people.

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