Friday, November 4, 2011

.my best friend.

here are the reasons why my boyfriend is my best friend:

(side note: i am currently sick with a stomach flu)

- he stayed by my side until midnight making sure i had everything i needed

- he called the airlines to cancel our flights we were supposed to be on today and pleaded with them to waive the change fee because i was so sick (this may or may not happen, jury is still out)

- he showed up at my flu-infested house at 8:30, got me a fresh glass of water and asked if i wanted any food

- he did the laundry and went and bought groceries for this weekend including chicken noodle soup, saltines & sprite

- he kisses my bacteria-infested body on the forehead every time he leaves the house... just because he loves me.

here's to you babe... your the best best friend/boyfriend i could ever ask for. i love you and i'll pray for you to not catch this mess.

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