Saturday, December 24, 2011

.unexpected christmas.

this year has brought so many unexpected things - the biggest blessing of them all? my man... he's incredible and has been such a gift - one that i'm willing to sacrifice much for.

this year, we were at risk of having to sacrifice christmas in texas. GASP!!!! this guy i love, he's in the medical field - often those dedicated, healing people don't get time off of work for christmas. our expectation and plan was that he and i would have a quiet christmas on the central coast of california because he'd have just started a new job.

no job yet... the blessing in disguise is that we got to come home for christmas!!! this would have been the first year i've not been in texas with my family and i was feeling a little blue about it, but grateful to be with my man. instead, we're home :)

christmas is new this year - for both of us:

it's jarred's first bouma ugly sweater party!!!
- nasty ugly sweaters, hair & makeup

- lots of good cheer
- pictionary (gerrit made a snowman!)

- LOADS of crazy people celebrating - welcome to our Dutch chaos, babe!

and my first minefee christmas
- snow in west texas

- christmas cookies with mom minefee & jarred

- this sweet little girl that we can't wait to get out to california :)

- waiting out the birth of jarred's niece - charley cate minefee - any day now!

new families are so much fun. if you told me last year that this next christmas would be spent in midland, texas with the family of my new man, i'd have laughed... much like zechariah and abraham & sarah laughed at their unexpected gifts. God is so good, ridiculously faithful and always right on time.

i'm so grateful for my unexpected Christmas both in texas and with this guy. (we only sent ONE christmas card, if you live in lima, peru - you got lucky!)

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