Sunday, February 26, 2012

.our life.

today we start our life... our life in slo.

a month ago, we moved my man into his house so that he could start his job - i'll give you the gift of the laughter that was involved in his moving-in process... yes, the tupperware won that fight on the kitchen floor :)

jarred's been really really content here these past four weeks.

at noon today, we left this place i've loved so so much. i've lived in some great houses, but this place was one of my favorites - the laughter, the bbq's and fire pitting, the game playing, the wine/appetizer girl chat, the weekend guests, the deep conversations and the couch snuggles made this place earn its way into the top 3. i had some of my best times and some of my darkest times while i lived inside these four walls. it's amazing that just that - four walls can have so much significance.

tonight i lay here in my (gratis) temporary housing for the month, thanks to one of the most generous ladies i know, and i think about what this means for me, for us.

we begin our life here today. slo is now our home and as much as i grieve the life & community i had in santa barbara - slo means that we get to be together. it means that we got to get groceries today and hang out with 50 incredible Jesus-lovin' young life leaders tonight. it means that i'll wake up in my house and he'll wake up in his house and we'll get to drive a mini-distance and have breakfast together. it means establishing the new normal and for that, i'm grateful. grateful for our life... stay tuned.

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