Saturday, April 14, 2012

.wedding bliss.

I'm WAY behind on posting anything here because I've been CRAZY busy with planning the wedding, moving into a new house, adjusting to living in a new town and working full time. Seriously, I don't know how people do it.

Something I do know? Why they don't call it "wedding bliss." This whole wedding planning thing? Not bliss. Seriously I had no idea I'd be this bananas. I like the term wedded bliss much better - that when it's all over, that's the bliss part. :) However, I'm learning that the whole thing is not-so-happily ever after. The whole wedding planning/marriage thing? It's just not perfect like it is in fairy tales. I've known that from watching people I love be married & walking with them through life. I also know that Jarred can't make me happy & I can't make him happy.

I'm learning that my relationship with God and learning to love Jarred because God loved me first is what this whole thing is about. I'm learning that not much else matters - not the flowers or the cake or the music or the photographer, just Jesus and relationships.

So here we go... 3 months and counting until we enter into the challenging bliss of being married! July 14... hurry up.

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