Thursday, May 24, 2012

.taste every ounce of life.

i have these brave friends who live in sacramento... he is a lawyer, she is a writer (seriously LOVE her stuff), they have a darling little anna. this family has just walked a hard, hard road with chemo therapy and tomorrow is their victory lap. we are all posting awesomeness on jonathan's facebook wall, but i wanted to post the complete version of the awesomeness i chose to take from.
this is the last sermon written by a 33 year old pastor whose life was taken during a baptism at church. he was electrocuted. these were his final words, written but never spoken - undeniably words of life. "live and live well. BREATHE. breathe in and breathe deeply. be present. do not be past. do not be future. be now - on a crystal clear breezy 70 degree day, roll down the windows and FEEL the wind against your skin. feel the warmth of the sun. if you run, then allow those first few breaths on a cool autumn day to freeze you lungs and do not just be alarmed. BE ALIVE. get knee-deep in a novel and lost track of time. if you bike, pedal harder and if you crash then crash well. feel the satisfaction of a job well done, a paper well-written, a project throughly completed, a play well-performed. if you must wipe the snot from your 3-year-old's nose, don't be disgusted if the kleenex didn't catch it all because soon he'll be wiping his own. if you've recently experienced loss, then GRIEVE. and grieve well. at the table with friends and family, LAUGH. if you're eating, laugh at the same time, then you might as well laugh until you puke. and if you eat... then SMELL. the aromas are not impediments to your day. steak on the grill, coffee beans freshly ground, cookies in the oven. and TASTE. taste every ounce of flavor. taste every ounce of friendship. TASTE EVERY OUNCE OF LIFE...BECAUSE IT IS MOST DEFINITELY A GIFT" - kyle lake - jonathan, you are a rockstar. i so admire your faith in Jesus and the integrity and class with which you've fought and won this battle. keep fighting miller's, keep fighting...

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Lesley said...

What a fantastic sermon. I loved your sign...and I love reading this. :)