Saturday, January 3, 2015

Best of 2014

My friend, Lesley writes a similar post every year and I decided to put my own twist on it but copy her idea. She's also a very gifted writer - you should read her blog.

Here's my opinions about some 2014 things:

10 Things I couldn't have lived without (most of these have to do with pregnancy or being a new mom, sorry…)

- Marika Yoga Pants, just yes
- Johnson & Johnson hands and faces baby wipes
- my little clutch wallet/purse thing that I can wear on my wrist and stick in my diaper bag
- Parenthood (the TV show) - the amount of time spent nursing in the early days is no joke
- our Baby Jogger City Select stroller - it pushes like it's invisible
- Starbucks giftcards - thank you Jesus for the nice people who know I needed coffee
- the Ergo - God bless…
- a video baby monitor - the only reason our kid left our bedroom in August
- Hand-Me-Down baby and Maternity clothes - I love my sisters-in-law
- the Exersaucer - I can pee and cook and not watch my kid

Things that just worked for me:

- Walking to the grocery store - when we had Holland, I resolved that if I needed less than 15 things (and nothing was heavier than a galling of milk) then I was going to walk to the grocery store. Amazingly, this has been a great little mile walk for us and we both LOVE it. And there's a Starbucks in the store, shhhhhh...

- We spent 3 weeks in Texas and we actually didn't go nuts - it wasn't intentional, but Holland and I ended up spending 3 weeks in Texas in December and I'm shocked that the days went by quickly and we survived. Of course, there's no place like home, but I thought it was going to be WAY harder on both of us.

- Nighttime showers - it sounds like a silly thing, but I always loved to shower in the morning to start my day. When I had Holland I couldn't do that because she's a terrible napper, so there was never enough time to leave her to shower & get ready. When she was tiny, I started showering when Jarred would get home from work. It's been grab for me & is my "wind down" time when I know he's in charge of the kid if she wakes up and I can finally relax.

- The CrockPot - my parents got us this All Clad Crockpot when we got engaged and it's from Jesus. There's nothing better when you're cooking for 10 girls or just for two. It's quick and easy and I can put dinner in during her morning nap and know that if my day falls apart at the seams, at least dinner is already done. I just wish I could pull it together enough to use it more often than I did.

Memorable Moments of 2014

- The birth of Miss Holland Mae Minefee on May 26th - and the crazy 2 weeks that led up to it - and the crazy 2 weeks that followed it… what a whirlwind birth experience that was, but our girl is here.

- Sitting on the bottom of the staircase when my dad called to tell me that my mom had pancreatic cancer. I will never forget it, nor the fearful yet peaceful few weeks that followed. Flying to Texas to see her the day after her diagnosis was like being in a bad movie. Some of the worst days of my life.

- Getting the text with my mom ringing the "Cancer-free" treatment bell at MD Anderson. I'm so grateful that God chose to heal my mom.

- Hanging out with my in-laws in October while we got the phone call that our friend Chuck had passed away from his battle with cancer and left sweet Holly and the twin babies behind - why was God healing my mom, but taking our friend?

- Hearing Holland laugh at her daddy for the first time in September - melted my heart into pieces.

- My first (and only to date) overnight away from my sweet girl to play with one of my besties for my birthday. So thankful to my hubby for the break and for time with Erin.

- The excruciating pain of having to let my daughter "cry it out" from time to time - I was not prepared for the torture that is for me - that and the sleep deprivation - absolute torture.

- Decorating our little house for Christmas with our college gals - including some inappropriateness, wine drinking and a baby photography session.

- Having lots of mama friends close by to do this raising kids thing with. I'm so so grateful for my gal pals.

- Seeing my mom back to "herself" when I got there in December - the best gift anyone could give me. Ever. I didn't know if we'd ever have "her" back and thank the Lord we do.

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