Friday, December 12, 2008

.blame it on grad school.

it's been almost a week since i finished my grad school assignments for this quarter. how i did in the classes is irrelevant at this moment, what matters is that i finished. there were a few things to thank for getting me through the hardest quarter i've had yet. the first is "the office" for providing much needed comic relief on thursday nights, the second is my dear sweet friends who know me well and convinced me that because of my distaste for school, getting my Ph.D. is out of the question and i needed to focus on passing this quarter. the third may be my dearest friend of the semester - starbucks skinny cinnamon dulce lattes.

now, i must confess something. i asked for starbucks cards for my birthday in late october so that i could "survive" the quarter from hell without having to go uncaffeinated because i'm unemployed. i'm ridiculously grateful to my parents, grandparents and others who provided accordingly. the only problem is... i fear i am officially an addict.

how did i realize this, you might ask? well, i got done with school 6 days ago and realized today that of those 6 days, i haven't missed a starbucks run. i used to blame my latte cravings on grad school. i have 4 weeks off - what do i blame it on now? addiction? entirely possible. i'm grateful for my friend who pointed out that there are much worse things i could be dependent on to get me through school - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, you name it. his vice is slurpees, mine is lattes. neither is all that destructive of a choice. thanks, john, for the confidence boost and the validation. what am i doing tomorrow morning at 10? meeting a college friend at starbucks . what will i order? a skinny cinnamon dulce latte, please. and without asking, they will know my name is bree... because i'm an addict. :)

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Erin said...

legal addictive stimulants strike again! hey, you could say you are in your post-quarter recovery time (which lasts approximately the length of your vacation, and necessitates additional coffee). i'm glad "The Office" could also keep you company and provide much needed laughter. have a morOCKin christmas :)