Thursday, September 17, 2009


"oh grace, she's never left me. i continually walk away and take advantage of it just about everyday. oh grace." - trevor davis

this week i have seen grace.

i have seen it in the eyes, voice and unexplainable understanding of my new employer who just somehow "gets it" and doesn't judge me or punish me, but instead just extends grace.

i have seen it in the attitudes of my parents who, though i've chosen something contrary to what they'd choose for me, they've begun to extend grace.

i have seen it in giving of a woman who i did missions with this summer who blessed my socks off.

i have seen it in the large group of people who showed up tonight to attend a fundraising banquet where Christ was lifted up and money was raised for kids in Africa to be fed and clothed.

i see grace all around me and fail to recognize it, but this week? this week i've seen it, named it am trying to extend more of it into the lives of others because i am 100% confident that's what Christ would do. So Lord,

"let me be open
let me be humble
let me find the joy of my salvation in your cross

let me be broken
whenever i stumble
let me remember the great mercy of my God." - caedmon's call

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Kristen Howerton said...

Thank you so much for your offer!! You are SO sweet. If that passport doesn't show up I may just be hunting you down! :)