Tuesday, October 27, 2009


that, my friends is the only word i could come up with to describe the situation at starbucks this morning. many times over - this is sweetness...

i went to starbucks for a latte and a little chat with Jesus while i waited for spin class to begin (because Jesus is at starbucks you know...) and in walked this old couple. she had a walker and a brace around her torso. he helped her in, sat her down, got their coffee and went and sat next to her (next to her, not across from her - sweetness #1)

she turns to me as she's waiting for her husband and says hello, i say hi. she then says, "i hope you have a really, really good day." my goodness, how could you not after that?!?!? (sweetness #2)

and THEN i see this:

and i realized what was happening - her husband was reading her a chapter from "Chicken Soup for the Older and Wiser Soul." are you kidding me? and he'd stop and explain when he knew she wouldn't understand something... and they laughed at the funny parts. (MAJOR SWEETNESS #3)

this seriously made my day and i thought to myself - "this is love... this is the kind of love i want to have in 50 years, when i'm in my late 70's and i am struggling to do life, i want to love this way - to read books to each other, to help each other walk when we can't, to laugh and to stop and tell the young girl at the next table that i hope she has a really, really good day and for us to be more like Jesus than we were 50 years ago because we've loved each other." that's what i want.

anyone know any eligible bachelors of this caliber? ya, me neither ;)


JuLea said...

Wow. Hoenstly it may be silly but I just got teary-eyed at this. I love my Brent Jacob and that sincere love just came out reading this. One day I hope to be like that too :)

Kimi Finley said...

Oh so sweetness! And you got a pic too, very stealth!