Wednesday, July 18, 2012

.the spotless kitchen.

***pre-post side note: our wedding was FLIPPING AWESOME. hands down best day of my life to date. will post pictures/thoughts when i have a moment to gather them without feeling overwhelmed.
day 1 of post-honeymoon wife-ness. my kitchen is spotless... why, you might ask? well, let me explain... when your husband of 5 days moved in while you were already at your wedding destination, it is a very bad thing for the house you come home to. i am SO loving being a wife and i think it's the greatest thing to wake up with a man with a ring on his left hand in my bed and drink coffee with him in the morning. i love wife life. what i don't love is a messy house. when said husband moves in and all then soon-to-be wife receives is pictures of every room in the house sprinkled with piles of clothing, kitchen gadgets and creatine, boxer shorts and clothes from high school, wife wants to cry.
when we got home from (mini) honeymoon #1, my sweet little teensy bit ocd heart was his defense, he did the best he could with the time he had and i'm thankful he showed up for his flight to the wedding. however, i'm swimming in laundry, clothes & need-to-be-re-organized cabinets and closets. when i get overwhelmed, what do i do? oh i make sure the kitchen is spotless... all the time. i think it's something that's small enough that i can control and something i see multiple times a day so i have yet to touch any piles of anything else, i simply just keep going from the kitchen to the computer - thinking about the piles. my poor little overwhelmed wife brain. the best news? tonight we're going OUT for dinner so i don't have to clean the kitchen again :) soon enough, i'll get a handle on this wife thing.

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