Friday, August 15, 2008

.gas prices.

it's random to blog about gas prices, but they are eating me up today because they are preventing me from doing things i want to do.

for example:
- i've driven down to "south county" everyday this week be it for meetings or to hang out, i've done it daily and i had to say no to a friend today because i just can't drive to south county again and use that much gas. it's taking its toll.
- i would love to go to vegas or pismo or santa cruz or go wine tasting for the long weekend, but am not seeing it happening because gas is too much, maybe more than flying to those places.
- i am stressing about and dreading driving to pasadena twice a week for school because i know the toll that the 2 hour plus commute is going to have on my pocketbook.
- i would be thrilled to be able to go visit a dear friend and her new baby in williams, arizona, but i just can't justify spending that much on gas.

i know this is a season of cutting back for me being that i'm a full time student again and i have essentially no disposable income, but i hate that this is my life. i hate that the people that are my community, my dear friends are taking the brunt of me not being able to afford gas right now. i'm not adjusting well to my new way of life and i'm not adjusting well to the rising gas prices. so there!

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