Thursday, August 7, 2008

.making changes.

team, i am determined.

i am determined to make some changes to the way we do family vacations around here. i have now been in san diego for the better part of 2 weeks with my family, vacationing at a beach house.

now, if you don't know me, let me take a moment to explain something. when i say "beach house" and "vacation" and "family", remove the picture from your head and replace it with 7 beach/bay houses filled with crazy, loud, home-grown, farmin' dutch people, likely around 60 of us in all, in and out the last few weeks. you think i'm kidding, but i'm not - ask margie, sarah & justin or dustin. they can attest.

we thoroughly enjoy getting together and this is just my mom's side of the family (think "my big fat greek wedding" but without the wedding and with dutch people" - scary). we have made a few changes in the right direction the last few years, i will be honest. the boys have started to drink a little less hard alcohol, we've added about 6 small children on top of the 20 who are now "big children", some married, some single, some students - probably attributing to the decline in alcohol consumption & sometimes earlier bedtimes. we have begun to focus more on my grandparents as we realize that time is precious and they are the reason we've all remained so close-knit. we've started going to church together on sunday mornings at "church on the beach" (that's a sight to see).

but here's what i'd change - if i had things my way we'd have
- more apples to apples game nights
- more time with all of us sitting listening to my immigrant grandfather tell stories (bring the beer if you must)
- more sailing, windsurfing & bike riding excursions with my 80 year old grandpa who we all seem to think will live forever
- more early morning coffees with cinnamon rolls in the patio listening to the waves
- more "divine appointments" and intentional meetings with cousins i haven't caught up with in a while
- more nuzzling sweet week-old babies while watching a movie together
- more boogie boarding with my 50 year old parents, just because we can
- more time walking with my 3 year old niece, finding shells and singing "i have decided to follow Jesus"

- more of a push for everyone to make it happen again next year and not let one person say they can't come, even if it's just for a day.

i'm grateful for 2 weeks on the beach, for a family that values time spent together, for grandparents who've been the glue and foundation, for this place that is peace and joy to my soul.

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