Wednesday, August 13, 2008


this is what God has put on my heart today. don't be afraid, just trust.

why is this so flippin' hard? i can't do it today. i can't trust because that would cause me to relinquish my control. it would cause me to surrender any power i have in my life and live with blind faith. i lived with blind faith the day i met Jesus and decided that i believed that the Bible was true and that Jesus could save me and forgive my sins. why can't live with that same child-like blind faith today when i am confronted with situations where worry and fear pop into my mind and heart first?

why can i not trust that He will provide? hasn't He always? has He not proven Himself to me time and again and allowed me to see in all situations of my life that HE IS GOOD?

because i failed at it today, my goal for tomorrow is to trust that His character is good more than trusting my own ability to understand my circumstances. He will hold me in His strong arms and love me regardless of my inability to do what He's asked. because He loves me, tomorrow i will choose to trust (and i'll let you know how that goes for me)...

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