Sunday, September 14, 2008


again - once again, God had proven Himself faithful. why am i still surprised by this? you'd think for someone who met Jesus when i was 12 - a good 15 years later that i'd have figured out that God is faithful by now.

do i know this is true? yes (in my heart at least)
do i doubt this is true? yes (in my head i do at times)

this is my conflict. in my heart i know that God is faithful - so STINKIN' faithful it can be eerie. but in my head, because i'm human and often times not so smart, i doubt that this is true because i can't see things the way He sees them and i want to tangibly see them in a way i can understand. but does that change the fact that He is faithful? NO - unquestionably no.

so... here i am today, amazed by his faithfulness in my life and the life of my dear friend. we spent the weekend laughing harder than i've laughed in a long time, having brutally honest conversation, eating great food and just loving to be together. we split ways this afternoon, each having a "faithful in the little things" assignment and we re-convened by phone tonight.

what we discovered was that when we are faithful in the little things, He will leave us amazed at who He is and echo our mustard seed-sized faithfulness with His faithfulness BEYOND what we could have asked or imagined. thank you, Lord for being faithful and thank you, Emily for being "that friend."

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Bonnie Lewis said...

yes! hi bree! so glad that i found your blog! you are great!