Saturday, September 6, 2008


hollywood on a friday night...

don't know anywhere else like it and there's a piece of me that wishes i didn't live quite-so-close. it's a bit crazy, but there's this weird sort of charm that accompanies the insanity of it all.

4 of us girls, feeling spunky and 21 again, loaded up and drove to hollywood at about 9:45 last night for a concert of a friend of a friend. really, it was just a reason to get out and do something. here are a few of the highlights:

1) paying $12 to park in the wrong parking lot and walk 4 blocks when there was a spot about 4 steps from the venue was charging $4.50
2) getting to bust out the GPS on the iPhone for the first time to figure out where the heck the "M Bar" was
3) getting told by a guy off the street that he'd pay us $450 an hour - flattering, really, but we'll have to pass
4) being in a place where we were very possibly the ONLY ones who didn't have some association to the musician, but yet being very possibly his loudest fans
5) walking back to the car at 1:00 am and stopping to pay our respects to the "stars" of john wayne, michael jackson and ruth hussey (we're not sure who she is either, but the fact that her last name is hussey makes her likeable in our book!)

6) going to bed at 2:15am and feeling like we were really cool for staying out late (though it happens all of once or twice a year)

all in all - 4 fun girls, one friday night, an adventure indeed. this is one of those days when i'm sooooo not jealous of my friends at home with crying kids - perfectly content to be where i'm at.

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