Friday, October 30, 2009

.30 before 30.

here you have it team... i am going to do these 30 things before i turn 30. exactly one year from right now. here's how it works:

at Donald Miller's advice, i will: write a good story, take somebody with me and include God in the process :)

- i have 30 things to do
- i have tried to pick things that will challenge my mind, body and faith
- i will blog about them all today and then as i do them, so my hope is that this will keep me accountable to doing all 30 in the next 365 days. stay tuned if you wanna watch these stories unfold!

so here, on my 29th birthday, is my 30 before 30 list!!!!!!

1) Attend a U2 Concert
2) Go to Joshua Tree (mostly for some sweet picture taking)
3) Run a 10k or Half Marathon
4) Get my car detailed
5) Host a really really great dinner party at my house (when I get one)
X6) Go to the Getty Museum
7) Climb Half Dome at Yosemite
8) Visit a friend who lives somewhere I've never been
X9) Buy new cowboy boots
10) Take a photography/photoshop class
11) Go to Monterey/Carmel
X12) Shoot a deer
X13) Sell a piece of my photography
X14) Have a Jesus conversation with a complete stranger
15) Wear red lipstick for 3 days... just because
16) Read one book per month
17) Have a ticket booked for my next international adventure
18) Go on 2 dates
19) Purchase a really great dress
X 20) Go approx. one day a week without wearing makeup to appreciate how Jesus made my face
21) See George Strait in concert
22) Go to Oregon & Idaho
X 23) Start a wine collection and NOT drink it all right away
24) Spend 2 nights and 3 days somewhere in solitude
25) Learn to surf
X26) Go horseback riding
27) Give away 10% more of my income
X28) Start somewhere, flip a coin, if heads - drive to the left 30 miles, if tails - drive to the right 30 miles and see where I end up
29) Ride the bike trail from Angels Stadium to the beach
30) Have a killer 30th birthday celebration :)

now, there's 2 that i'm not sure are possible, but fear not - i have alternates.

so... wish me luck and hit me up if there's an adventure you'd like to join in on!!!


jessie.mae said...

-Count me in on the Getty (and we can totally hit up the Getty Villa in Malibu too!) I'm in that area a lot visiting James.
-I'm down for Joshua Tree adventures
-if there's a U2 concert in the next year i'm IN!
-can i help with the dinner party? (possibility to wear that fancy new dress AND work on your wine collection?)
-you can come visit me when i go up to my parents in northern california, and stop in monterey/carmel along the way (yay for central coast drives!)

5 & 7 are on my list, though not sure I'd be able to do those in the next year.

alright lady. i'm holding you accountable.

JuLea said...

Honestly, this is why I have the most awesomest sister in the world. I cant wait for you to complete your 30 before 30.
1. I will make sure and help your wine collection.
2. If you go to a U2 concert or George Strait in TX, I WILL be there.
3. I love that you will go on 2 dates.
4. You are my HERO!
Cant wait to see you this week!

Kimi Finley said...

Can Jason and I be invited to the dinner party!? And we'll bring a bottle of wine to add to your collection...
You've inspired me to make my own list, hmmm I think a list of what I want to do before kids!! I looooovvve this idea!! so cool!

Unknown said...

Alright here we go... :)

Number 3) I like that you threw in "or a half marathon" haha

20) I like this one.

24) This is much harder than one would think. I spent 5 days locked in a room with my bible and bed. No phone, tv etc. That was the longest 5 days of my life, but also the most peaceful. That was during a really really long fast which included no water for 2 1/2 days of the 5. Really not something I want to do all the time, but everyone should get some major doses of solitude on purpose.

I really like number 28). :)

what are the two that might not be possible?