Monday, October 22, 2007

.ask (persistently) and you shall receive.

so... my niece (at the bottom of my blog) is almost 2 1/2. she's precious, she's a chatter box, she's so much joy and she's most definitely got her grandma wrapped around her little pudgy finger.

today, amidst one of the busiest days her grandma has seen in a long, long time, my precious cameron got it in her mind that she needed ice cream. during a hospital visit to my sick uncle, she quit asking, that is...until they trekked down to the cafeteria, where she asked again and her dear "ya ya" a.k.a. grandma, told her "no ice cream." well, the little girl, with the persistence of her auntie, finally drove "ya ya" crazy enough that she stopped for ice cream. hoping for a small portion of soft serve, my mom was saddened to find her only option was a pint. so... she gave in. in the back of the car, in her carseat, there sat cameron, happy as a clam with a pint of ice cream in her lap. life doesn't get much better than that at 2 years old.

the lesson i learned from my niece today is this: sometimes there are things worth persistently asking for. for her, in her little world, it was ice cream (a pint of it), but maybe for me it's something like direction in my future, peace in the homes of my high school girls or unanswered prayers from years ago that will cause me to go back and open the old prayer journals. but i'm grateful for the lesson cameron taught me today and i will not cease to ask my heavenly "abba" for the good gifts he wants to give.

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