Sunday, October 21, 2007

.be near.

parenting is something i know about only through observing and studying, not through experience. there are a few things i do know - children need love, children need discipline, children need to be cared about for who they are, children need to know that at the end of the day, their parents are their biggest fans.

but what happens? what happens when you're 16 and your mom tells you your relationship with her is over and she no longer wants to talk to you? what happens when your mom yells at you almost daily until you're pushed to the limit, forced back into your corner, or into the corner of the room while you're being screamed at? what happens when you don't feel loved, cared for, accepted or valued?

you lose hope. that's what happens. you lose hope in the person whose job it is to take care of you. you lose faith that everything's going to be okay because isn't that a parent's job to tell you that? what if your parent is the one causing your pain? you start do doubt everything you've ever believed in your core. and even though you know Jesus is the only constant, your only hope, the only way you'll make it through the night, you start to doubt him too. you start to wonder if he cares, if he's listening, if you can even seek and find him because all seems hopeless.

to this sweet little girl and her precious little sister - Abba, be near. be near to them in their brokenness, in their weakness, in their pain, doubt and disappointment. when they seek, let them find you, be their everything. Abba, be near.

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