Thursday, October 25, 2007

.beautiful chaos.

this is my life today - beautiful chaos. as the fires rage on here in our home, the aftermath of what's burned continues to affect our lives. we think we are exempt from it if our homes did not burn and that we barely escaped it, but not so... i sat in classroom of crying girls this afternoon when they found out that because of the poor air quality and smoke, we are unable to finish our volleyball season. i found out that my last volleyball game with my girls was yesterday and i wasn't even aware at the time. i found out that i will never get to coach my seniors again when i thought i had 2 more games with them. utter chaos! there were girls crying, parents calling, me attempting to calm the storm.

i hate that i have no answers for them, i hate that this is one of those things for which i cannot provide a solution, something i can't fix. it sums up to this response - "yes girls, because someone deliberately set a fire in our home town and the air we breathe is now toxic, we no longer get to finish our volleyball season. it's been great, you guys fought hard, game over." what a devastating way to end a season - i'd much rather have gone out losing 25-2 than not be given a chance to fight...

but the beautiful redemption in that is that they make they best out of everything. because we don't have a game, all 15 girls decided that as a team they'd go to an outreach event at a local church which a girl on the team attends (where God is given an open doorway into their hearts even without their knowledge!) and the we'll have a "family sleepover". so the chaos that was today becomes the beauty that is tomorrow. praise God for hope, for unity, for who these girls have been in my life the last 3 months!

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