Monday, October 15, 2007

.how do i...

live on in His love? it seems that too many days i have a mental relapse on how to do that. my life seems so monotonous and mundane - each day i wake up and want to know what God has for me that day, yet i don't seek it. i seek what will make me happy.

today it seems a cinnamon dolce latte and a little lunch at chipotle are the joys of choice. weak in comparison to what he could offer me in exchange.

so, after choosing ridiculous things this morning - i'm choosing to love on high school girls while coaching them - to be intentional about understanding who each of them is on and off the court. - i'm choosing to attend a prayer meeting for uganda in hopes that somehow, someway, my meager prayers can bring something of worth to children who live their lives in fear, who have no parents, who have little hope. - i'm choosing to have a hard conversation with some older friends of mine that will make me search my soul, bring out my insecurities and begin to seek some long-awaited answers.

i can hope and pray that i'm making better choices this afternoon than i did this morning to "live on in His love".

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